Annex C: Standard Reporting Template

Schedule M

Hertfordshire and South Midlands Area Team

2014/15 Patient Participation Enhanced Service – Reporting Template


Practice Name:   Hatfield Road Surgery, St Albans


Practice Code: E82004


Signed on behalf of practice:   Babita Sinha                                                                                                     Date: 27.3.2015


Signed on behalf of PPG:       Michael Plant                                                                                                     Date: 27.3.2015


  1. Prerequisite of Enhanced Service – Develop/Maintain a Patient Participation Group (PPG)              (Component 1)



Does the Practice have a PPG? YES



Method of engagement with PPG: Face to face, Email, Other (please specify) Face to face and Email



Number of members of PPG: Max 7 plus 2 staff.   In 2014, max 5 plus 2 staff

There are 12 virtual members, they are sleeping members , they never respond to the emails or contribute in the discussions.


Detail the gender mix of practice population and PPG:












Detail of age mix of practice population and PPG:  









> 75




















Detail the ethnic background of your practice population and PPG:




Mixed/ multiple ethnic groups




Gypsy or Irish traveller

Other white

White &black Caribbean

White &black African

White &Asian

Other mixed






















Asian/Asian British

Black/African/Caribbean/Black British











Other Black


Any other
























Describe steps taken to ensure that the PPG is representative of the practice population in terms of gender, age and ethnic background and other members of the practice population:


With small numbers it is difficult to be exactly representative of the practice, but with white British, Asian and Chinese represented in the PPG it is considered fairly and adequately close. Measures have been taken to bring more people to PPG. Posters, word of mouth, email and forms have been given with the registration forms but very few people showed interest.









Are there any specific characteristics of your practice population which means that other groups should be included in the PPG?
e.g. a large student population, significant number of jobseekers, large numbers of nursing homes, or a LGBT community? YES/NO

   Yes, we try to approach all the sections of our users. A big chunk of our users come from Bangladeshi community and we would like to see their representation in the group.


If you have answered yes, please outline measures taken to include those specific groups and whether those measures were successful:


Apart from the publicity in the practice ,we have displayed posters in the local shops and mosque but so far none of them have approached us to join PPG.



  1. Review of patient feedback                                                                                                     (Component 2 – 30% of payment)



Outline the sources of feedback that were reviewed during the year:


Personal one to one surveys conducted by PPG members with individuals waiting for their doctor’s appointment in the waiting room






How frequently were these reviewed with the PRG?


The results were processed and reviewed as soon as 100 surveys had been completed






Action plan priority areas and implementation                                                                         

Priority area 1


Description of priority area:


To find out how many surgery patients have used A&E in the past 12 months and to find out if it was because of a surgery shortcoming, or alternatives, such as Minor Injuries Unit and the out of hours service, being deficient.




What actions were taken to address the priority?


Surveys were taken with 100 patients on a one to one basis in January 2014 and the results commented on and assessed. Acting on the information obtained, extra appointments with the doctors were created for the winter months of December 2014 and January and February 2015, the effect of which is being analysed currently.




Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):


A notice was displayed in the Waiting Room advising of the extra appointments, which were allocated as required by the reception staff.









Priority area 2


Description of priority area:



Friends and Family Test



What actions were taken to address the priority?


Friends and Family Test surveys were given to the patients in the practice. The members of PPG were also asked to take part in handing out the survey but since some of them were away and some of them were not well , we had a brief meeting with one of the PPG members.




Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):


We discussed the comments written by the patients in our meetings in house .






Priority area 3


Description of priority area:


The PPG wants to do a survey on Winter Pressure Clinics at the beginning of next financial year.




What actions were taken to address the priority?



The PPG is trying to prepare the questions to be asked in the survey.



Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):


After the survey , the results will be published and then a report will be done in comparison with other surgeries in this locality.














  1. Progress on previous years                                                                                                    

If you have participated in this scheme for more than one year, outline progress made on issues raised in the previous year(s):

Three surveys have been carried out since the PPG was formed in 2011, in addition to the current look at A&E use. These covered the helpfulness of the receptionists and the ease of booking appointments, the quality of the appointments with the GPs, and the quality of the premises and the ease of obtaining repeat subscriptions.


There were only two areas of concern:

  1. Whereas 54% had found it easy to talk to a doctor or nurse on the phone, 45% hadn’t and steps were taken to improve this. The two GPs now allocate half an hour at the end of surgery for such conversations which appears to have solved the problem.
  2. The survey about appointments revealed that about a third (39%) of patients found they had to wait more than thirty minutes after their scheduled appointment time to see the doctor. This has been looked at by staff and improvements have been made.



  1. PPG Sign Off



Report signed off by PPG: YES


Date of sign off: 27.3.2015


Has the report been published on the practice website? YES


Please insert web-link to your report:



How has the practice engaged with the PPG:

Provided meeting space as required and notice board for displaying information


How has the practice made efforts to engage with seldom heard groups in the practice population?

Not really applicable, but the large Bangladeshi population is slow to come forward.


Has the practice received patient and carer feedback from a variety of sources?

Yes, very much so from patients, with four detailed surveys


Was the PPG involved in the agreement of priority areas and the resulting action plan?



How has the service offered to patients and carers improved as a result of the implementation of the action plan?

Improvements in numbers of available appointments in the winter months


Do you have any other comments about the PPG or practice in relation to this area of work?

There is a little enthusiasm in the community to answer the surveys or joining the PPG ,However, the PPG was particularly pleased with the results of the surveys, with the demonstration of a huge degree of satisfaction with the surgery, covered more fully in last year’s report.


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